While this room is not totally complete – we still need a great coffee table – I just couldn’t wait to share this project with you! I’ve been working on it for a while along with a formal living room that I will also share with you a little bit later.

When Helen moved into her home, she wanted a space that was warm and comfortable, but that also showed her love for her South African heritage, and her love for unique home décor items. She knew what kind of colors she wanted and has a real knack for picking beautiful pieces, but her vision wasn’t really coming through the way that she wanted. That’s when I was asked to step in and help!

As you can see, Helen loves color, but all of these colors don’t really work well together here. I wanted to figure out a way to highlight some of the stunning décor items that she has while still retaining a sense of uniqueness, warmth, and cohesiveness.

So my first task was to spend some time neutralizing the space. This is usually a really good way of wiping the slate clean so that you can infuse a whole bunch of color without overwhelming the space.

Overall, I am so so so happy with how this stylish space turned out. It’s warm, comfortable, and still has pops of beautiful bold colors. And then when Helen wants to bring in more colorful accessories to the space, it’ll add another bit of character to the room.

It took a while to set this up – as is the custom here – but I feel like it was totally worth it!

love how bright and airy the room feels now.

I decided to tone down the walls, and paint them a beautiful beige color (Jotun S2010Y30R) with a slightly yellow undertone to it, since Helen is a big fan of yellow. The blue rug was replaced with a natural textured rug from IKEA, and then the couch was reupholstered in a neutral color as well. While Helen doesn’t have small kids (her daughter is away at boarding school), she has an adorable little shitzu, so the couch needed to be sprayed with some Scotchgard before we could let her snuggle on it!

As you can see, the existing light fixture was changed out, and replaced with a ceiling fan that I found second-hand on a local classifieds site. I was lucky enough to find the perfect style and color too. For window treatments, I decided to go with light-colored bamboo blinds (from Sedar) that totally changed the vibe of the room. They allow for quite a bit of light during the day, are still effective for some privacy, and also add so much character to the space.

The TV was taken off of the wall and put on this gorgeous TV unit – a custom piece by Desert Designs. Sooo beautiful, isn’t it?

I asked Helen to pick up a few decorative accessories in bold colors while she was in South Africa on holiday. She brought back the the orange mud cloth cushion, the stunning print of red elephants and those amazing shields. Gorrrgeous!

Can you believe that the black/navy/white blankets were purchased from H&M Home? I just love how super trendy and affordable their home items are. It’s really becoming one of my top home stores, especially for accessories.

Overall, what I love about this room though is that by making a few small and subtle changes, the whole look and feel of the space has dramatically changed. I’m not gonna lie, I’m very proud of this space, and it kinda makes me want to change the entire color scheme of my TV room too….

I hope you enjoyed the transformation!

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