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Justine’s home and outdoor living spaces are ALL heart. Everything she loves is in there.

You can clearly see that each item has been picked for the space because she loves it – not just because it looks pretty or suits the aesthetics of her home.

Her furniture is eclectic and unique, but still feels so comfortable. She loves color, but no one color overwhelms you. Every detail has been worked into her home’s “story.”

I wanted my house to feel like a story – it has a beginning, a middle and an end. That’s why I painted my bedroom a darker color because I wanted it to feel like my home “ends” there.


Justine Yard

Years in Saudi: 14 months

Your Style?

When I moved here and I was thinking about painting my walls, I had a mini freak out because I felt like it was a big decision. But then I realized… it’s just paint! Why am I taking it so seriously? So now when I go out to find something – like a lamp or a mirror – I just walk into stores and see what I like. It isn’t planned out.

Personally, I’m also a big believer in that style of shopping. Even if we don’t realize it or aren’t really aware of it, we all inherently have a style. You can usually tell what it is by just picking out the things that you love in a store. Eventually, you’ll realize that all of your “random” shopping items seem to work really well together.

A runner made in Mexico on a cabinet made in Singapore! How beautiful is that?

How she makes it work…

Fill your home with things you love! That makes it make it feel like home. I feel settled after just 14 months of being here because I made this house MY home.

I loved talking to Justine about her home. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who was so satisfied about home life here! It was like talking to a “how to make it your home” therapist…

She not only believes in embracing the “now,” but also treats her home in Saudi Arabia as her actual home. That may sound really funny to a lot of people, but most expats know that this psychological shift is pretty difficult to make. However, Justine knows that this is really the only way you can make it work here.

I have everything that is close to my heart with me. Pictures that the kids drew me. Little things. Little parting gifts that my girlfriends gave me. All of my cookbooks. But that’s what made it feel like home so quickly because I surrounded myself with things that I either loved or things people gave me. You don’t have to drop a lot of money!

It’s important that you embrace where you are, at that particular point in your life. It’s about embracing the home that you have and what you can build for yourself. When I was 22, I didn’t have the money, and even if I had it, I’d be wearing it. No one was buying homes at that age. But now, I can enjoy a home (and a football free home since the kids are out), so I’ll embrace my today!

Totally love the attitude, right? Now check out how that translates into a home…

Outdoor Living

The star of Justine’s home has to be her outdoor lounging spaces. Yes, spaces. She has 2 of them!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love her home, but… the outdoor spaces are just AMAZING… She has clearly spent so much thought and effort into making the yards into a beautiful extension of her home.




Justine purchased these beautiful tiles, and had them incorporated into the design of her retaining wall. So innovative!


I’m not sure if Justine used IKEA slats for this, but how amazing is this idea? I’m totally stealing this one…

I absolutely loved this idea. It was SUPER super cute in person, and added so much visual interest to her yard! I’ve actually seen a few ideas on Pinterest that use IKEA slats to do something similar to this. I think you’d just need to add 2 more pieces of wood to the back of the slats so that they can hold up like this. I’m sure you could even paint or stain the whole thing if you want!

Check out the IKEA slat hacks – Apartment Therapy

Yeah. I could live here at night too. Photo Courtesy of Justine.

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s her other yard space…


The yellow rocks in these pictures can be purchased from the Garden Group or from any of the nurseries on the Jubail Highway. There are a variety of contractors who can arrange pick up and installation for you as well.

The keys on the left were purchased from various antique markets and used all over the house in different ways!





Living, TV & Dining Room

Justine has around 24 paint colors in her home. While you wouldn’t really think that that’s possible, it totally makes sense since she’s even painted the ceilings to make them look lower when needed.



The cabinet on the right used to be for linen storage, but when Justine moved into this house she needed a TV stand. After taking out a few shelves, she turned this into a storage unit for her TV!




Dining Room.jpg
Mirror: ID Design, Light Fixture: Abyat


OK. I admit. Justine has an advantage here. The size of this kitchen is generally pretty awesome… but I’m not so sure most people would make it look quite as bright and cheerful as this one!







Justine wanted to create a spa-like atmosphere in her bedroom. It really feels so relaxing and comfortable when you walk in!




Look at this closet!!! Justine ordered this whole wardrobe system from IKEA!



Mid Section Design

Tips & Tricks…

  • If you can’t figure out what to bring here (before your shipment comes) definitely bring what you love! Even if it’s silly. Bring what makes it feel like home.

  • Don’t get caught up in trying to look so different from everyone else. When you decorate your home, do it with love. It’ll feel like home, and you’ll be much happier!

  • You have to be willing to get out of the compound. Explore!

Hope you enjoyed the tour & enjoy your summer 🙂