If you’re an art lover or a collector, you’re gonna love this…

About a month ago, I stopped by ArtBahrain, an international art fair focused on showcasing the works of artists from all over the world. Galleries from so many different countries attended, including our very own Arabian Collections Gallery based out of Dhahran!


I’ll be completely honest… when I first heard about the show, I didn’t really have the highest expectations. Living in Saudi, I find that not all events here are made equal. So it’s fair to be concerned whether it’s worth going to an event since the logistics of a show or how artwork is displayed can completely ruin the experience. I can’t tell you how disappointing it is for me as an art lover to see beautiful pieces of work not displayed properly. Yet… since it was a FREE show and we do live in a place where this kind of artwork is hard to access, I thought it was worth a shot.

As you can see from the first picture, it was as good as it looks, and 10 times better! It was an incredibly memorable and wonderful experience, and I’d definitely go back again next year.

Scroll down to read more about the exhibition as well as see pictures of some of my favorite pieces!

A Little Bit About ArtBahrain… 

This is actually the first time that they’ve had this kind of an event in Bahrain, and what was great about it was that not only did the organizers want to expose visitors to international artwork, but to also allow the artists to interact with visitors. Artists were even able to promote their talents and skills through demonstrations of their own work! In addition, the more serious collectors and emerging artists in attendance could take advantage of educational workshops and presentations with international art specialists.

Exhibitors and galleries from Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, Kenya, Turkey, and many others, were there.

Amazing, right? It was just incredible to see this kind of an event in this part of the world.

Visit the ArtBahrain website to read more about the exhibition… 

Painting by Pakistani artist, Jamil Naqsh
Sculpture by Emirati artist, Mattar Bin Lahej
Artists Collage 2.jpg
Paintings (left) by Bahraini artist, Mariam Fakhro. Sculpture (right) by Bahraini artist, Ali Al Mahmeed.
Painting (top left) by Bahraini artist, Abbas Al Mosawi. Painting (top right) by Indian artist, Bhim Singh Hada. Sculpture (bottom left) by Emirati artist, Mattar Bin Lahej. Painting (bottom right) by Saudi artist, Tagreed Al Bagshi.
Painting by British artist, Sacha Jafri
Sculpture (top right) by Bahraini artist, Fuad Al bin Falah. Calligraphy (bottom left) by British artist, Sabah Arbilli. Painting (bottom right) by British artist, Christine Allison.
Calligraphy by Tunisian artist, Nja Mahdaoui
Paintings by Syrian artist, Nazir Ismail

Arabian Collections Gallery…

Pakistani artist, Rubina Malik (an ex-Aramcon!!), with her beautiful pottery and sculptures!
Artwork made by Pakistani artist, Rubina Malik
Bahraini artist, Omar Al Rashid, poses with his gorgeous paintings of horses! You can see some of his work up in the Four Seasons, Bahrain, as well.
A collection of horse paintings by Bahraini artist, Omar Al Rashid
Calligraphy by one of my all-time favorites, Iraqi artist, Hassan Massoudy

Hope to see you all there next year!


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