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Lake Como

This summer, hubs and I planned an amazing couple of days in Northern Italy on Lake Como. We loved our stay there so much that I decided to write a piece for the Arab News about it… BELLAGIO, Italy: When I think of the perfect getaway, I now picture the lakes and mountains of Lake […]

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The Castles of Kent: Hever Castle

If you’re a fan of anything related to the Tudors, then you’ll be really excited to know that I visited Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn (Henry VIII’s second wife and mother to Queen Elizabeth I). The castle is not as large as Leeds Castle (takes just about an hour or less to cover), but it […]

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The Castles of Kent: Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle | THE DESIGN SOUK |

I don’t know if it’s my insane love for Game of Thrones, or just a bizarre obsession these days, but I decided that I needed to go visit some castles this summer. While London definitely has its fair share of historic sites, I was craving to see something outside of the city, so I chose to go […]

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Kew Gardens, London

If London is one of your vacation spots this summer, rather than spending all of your days shopping on Oxford Street, I would highly recommend a day trip to Kew Gardens. It is one of London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage sites, and holds a huge collection of plants that is considered to be the most […]

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My Top Five Eats: London

I find that food pretty much makes or breaks my vacations. I could be in the most beautiful or in an extremely significant historic location, and would probably not want to go back because of my “hate” relationship with the food. I know. It’s horrible. London, however, never fails me. Not all of the restaurants […]

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Travel on a Budget: Free Museums to visit in London

London has pretty much become one of my favorite cities in the world. There are always new and exciting activities popping up all over town especially during the summer. You can visit festivals, art exhibitions, botanical gardens, theater shows, museums, palaces, etc… the possibilities are endless! Even Londoners have to keep up with the newest and hottest events in […]

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A Tour of Karachi on the Super Savari Express

Karachiites! Have you ever wanted to explore Karachi and learn about its history? Not particularly interested in hearing your entire “khandan’s” (aka, family) version of that history either? Check out my article in the Arab News about my experience with the Super Savari Express‘s (SSE) guided city bus tour. I took this tour earlier this […]

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Bali, Indonesia

I wasn’t really a beach person before, but Bali… definitely made me into one. I could actually sit on the beach all day and not feel like I needed to be somewhere else. I mean, I was also on vacation, but I’ve never understood or experienced this concept. In Bali, everything runs on “Bali time” a.k.a. […]

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