Eid Decor

And… I’M BACK!

After a wonderful summer abroad, I am finally back home and so happy about it! I hope all of you had an amazing break and are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have coming up in just over a month.

So just when you were getting back into the swing of things, we get hit with yet ANOTHER break in this part of the world! It’s Hajj season, so everyone, including the husbands, will be off for at least a couple of days for Eid. To help you prepare for this upcoming holiday, I just thought I’d put together a bunch of cute ideas that I found so that you can decorate your home for Eid!

I just love the idea of decorating for the holidays, especially since when I was growing up, there wasn’t much of a culture for this in Dhahran at least in the Pakistani community. We mostly went around to people’s houses to eat lots and lots of food or host people with lots and lots of food. I’m not complaining… I’m just happy to report that we have now built upon this fabulous eating culture, and are also interested in adding a touch of décor to the mix too!

So if you’re not jet setting off to some exotic country for Eid and need some festivity in your life, check out some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest (& others) as well as an item that you can actually purchase in Dhahran.

Paper Lanterns

Eid Mubarak Lanterns
Image courtesy of Iva Izman of In My Studio

This tutorial from In My Studio actually gives you a template to work off of, so you basically just print it out and glue it together! You need a couple of other things as well, but they’re pretty much universal items that you should have in your home even if you’re not much of a crafter. How convenient!

Henna Candles

Henna Candles

If you’re not really the DIY type, you can always just pick up a few of these beautiful flameless henna candles! Imagine these all around your house for Eid… Amazing.

To get yours today in Dhahran, email Shazia at hennaart116@gmail.com

Star Boxes

Image courtesy of Vixy: http://vixyblu.blogspot.ca/2013/05/tutorial-cutii-stelute-3d.html. For the English tutorial of the star box, click on the image.
Image courtesy of Vixy: http://vixyblu.blogspot.ca/2013/05/tutorial-cutii-stelute-3d.html. For the English tutorial of the star box, click on the image.

The original version of this tutorial is on Vixy and is actually in Romanian, but another site, Handimania, has so kindly translated it into English for you! This is a great item to give to kids with lots of M&M’s… or Skittles actually… I’m just an M&M’s kinda girl!

Eid Bunting Flags

Image courtesy of Iva Izman of In My Studio: http://inmystudio.com.au/2013/07/25/freebie-printable-eid-bunting-flags-garland-banner/
Image courtesy of Iva Izman of In My Studio

Another amazing template from In My Studio – I just love how resourceful this site is! Again, as long as you have a color printer – you can print it out, and put it together with very few basic materials. Make sure you check out the rest of In My Studio and her blog to see what other fabulous things are on the site.

She even has a template for Eid Money Envelopes!

Wooden Letters

Image courtesy of Home Synchronize
Image courtesy of Home Synchronize

Ummm, how cute is this?! Yes, I get that we’re trying to make Eid signs for this holiday and not Ramadan signs, but obviously the same concept applies! You may be able to find wooden letters at stores like Jarir, or Al Zamil or have Al Zamil make them out of styrofoam for you. Actually, you might even be able to find it in Hazzaz, but that would require some digging… All of the other materials for this project, including the Mod Podge, can be found at Jarir. I know because I just bought some 🙂

Wall Art

Eid Wall Art
Image courtesy of Maysem Hammad of Ode to Inspiration

I love that you can find ideas like this these days! This Eid Wall Art tutorial on Ode to Inspiration is for the person who needs more of a rustic charm to their Eid designs. It would be ideal if you could repurpose an old frame – that’s if you have one around the house… so try it out!

Hope you have a fabulous Eid holiday!