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I have 2 entrances to my home, and one of the entrances was just plain ugly.

Luckily, I was able to change my “other” exterior door into a nice glass door. It looks beautiful and lets in a lot of light, but because this side is a little more visible to the public, a glass door wasn’t really an option. So, after 2.5 years, I finally decided to do something about the ugly door. I had it painted!

Here’s what my sad little door used to look like:


And here’s the pretty and updated exterior door!

After TDS

Isn’t it such a nice change? I kinda love it!

Painting the door was such an incredibly easy, cheap, and effective fix to an ugly problem. If I hadn’t hired someone to paint the door for me, it would’ve been even cheaper. I’m shocked I waited this long to do something that makes such a big impact…

Give Your Door a Makeover

Before you paint your door, make sure that it’s not in bad shape. As you can see from my “before” picture, there were a lot of cracks and uneven surfaces on the screen door. I started off by first having the cracks filled, and then having the surface evened out. You can use a primer before you paint your door, but I just jumped into painting it blue…

Pick up some cute accessories, like the beautiful bronze numbers that I purchased from a store on Prince Mohamed Street in Al-Khobar (one street over from King Khalid Street, towards the Corniche) for SR 7 a number (height of numbers: 3.5 inches). Location to the area is listed below. 

Bronze Numbers
Best SR 21 I ever spent!

Also, if you didn’t notice, I changed the doormat to something more personalized and pretty. It was actually a really easy DIY project, that I did all by myself – shocking, I know! All of the materials for this project were purchased from Dhahran too! Check out the post on how I made it.

Grab some water-based paint for the exterior door of your rental home as I’ve been told that oil-based is more difficult to remove. I picked up a small semi-gloss paint can for SR 35 from Jotun. I probably would’ve been happy with the “glossy look” as well, but I don’t mind semi-gloss at all!

Personally, I like hiring someone to do these kinds of paint jobs because I’m bad at it and have no patience, but it seems fairly easy to do if you have some experience painting your space. It was done in less than an hour.

Small Paint Can
I think the color is 1502-B… I’m currently having a hard time reading the top of the paint can!

This was such a small change to my home, but it seriously makes me feel so much better. If you were thinking about painting your door, it may not be such a bad idea, and adds a lot more character to your rental space.

I hope you enjoyed the makeover and be sure to check out my “DIY Personalized Doormat” post next week! 

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The store with the bronze letters is close to a lot of the lighting stores on Prince Mohammed Street. I don’t remember the exact intersection, but if you ask around for bronze or metal house numbers, they should be able to help you out. You can use the map below as a guide…

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