YAYY – it’s finally October! But seriously… Where has this year gone? It just flew by! Anyways, I’m not complaining. We’ve had huge changes in Saudi Arabia and it’s about to get so much better. We finally get our cool down!!

While it’s still pretty warm and doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, I think it’s totally acceptable to get yourself and your home ready for the season. I’ve scoped out some super cute accessories that seem to be trending right now, and that can also really help you get into “fall mode.”

Decorative Accessories


Fall Décor 2017 | THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com

1 INGRABRITTA, throw (IKEA, SR 135) | 2. Check out this awesome article on Apartment Therapy with sooo many ideas on how to paint the most stylish looking pumpkins. Love love love it! Photo Source: Homey Oh My! | 3. Glass Dome (H&M Home, SR 99) | 4. Pom pom pillow (West Elm MENA, SR 125-175) | 5. Pom pom Christmas Décor (H&M Home, SR 19) | 6. White Decorative Cactus Figure (comes in light green as well, Zara Home, SR 199) | 7. Metal Candlestick, in gold (H&M Home, SR 99) | 8. Petrified Wood Coasters (West Elm) | 9. SOMMAR 2017, Hanging Decoration (IKEA, SR 125)

How To Use It In Your Home

I feel like a lot of these items are popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds non-stop these days. Pompoms, tassels, natural textures, ceramics, chunky knits, bronze and brass accents, and all sorts of succulents and cactuses (real, fake or print). I’ve also seen a lot of velvet and rich jewel tones – especially purple – but I’m not ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet!

Here are some great ideas on how to use these items so that you can enjoy them in your home as well…

Amy’s DIY jade pumpkins are so damn cute. I love her mud cloth ones, but these jade ones are gorgeous and totally on trend.

If you enjoy seeing photos of couches that you could totally curl up on, then you need to check out Zevy Joy’s IG feed and blog. The chunky knits used in her home in her Simple Ways to Use Neutral Fall Decor Inside and Out of Your Home post is just the thing you need to convince yourself that it’s officially fall.

So the item above the bed may not be a pom pom exactly, but I love the idea of using a single white one in that empty space. I also love this room in general by Amanda Barnes Interiors, and that throw on the bed totally completes the comfortable and “it’s really cold outside” look for me as well.

How does a curtain with pom poms manage to look so stylish? This isn’t exactly a fall look, but it’s definitely trending. I love how Em Henderson used these pom pom curtains and made them look so subtle and chic in a black and white room.

See those Aloe leaves in the corner of that room on the left? They’re fake! Not sure if they’re still in stock, but according to the Pottery Barn MENA catalogue, they were available for SR 120. On the other hand, if you’re not a fake plant kind of person, you can always buy a pretty cactus or succulent print instead (Spring Agave Framed Print, SR 70). And if budget is a concern, IKEA’s BILD poster may be a winner!

Many of the smaller decorative items like the candlestick, glass domes and even the hanging cage from IKEA, can easily be used for entertaining purposes. I love the idea of decorating the glass dome seasonally as well.

Happy Fall Decorating!