Living in Saudi, you sometimes get in a rut and start thinking that you just can’t get the things that you want. I’ll admit, it’s not always available or in the color, size or shape that you want. But having been here for a while now, I’ve realized that you can find almost everything in Saudi if you look really hard. And if you can’t find it… you can make it!

While browsing for garden ideas on, I stumbled upon a few really simple and awesome ideas using pebbles and tiles for a yard… I mean, it’s Saudi-friendly – all it requires is pebbles and tiles!

I was inspired to use some of the same kind of ideas for my yard especially because I needed an interesting place for my potted plants. I also wanted this section of my yard to look really colorful. The advantage of having gray tiles is that when there’s any color, it really pops.

I picked up the pebbles from Sultan Gardens for SR 14 per small bag (they have large and small bags) and got a lot of different colors just for texture. Even now, whenever I go by their store, I always pick up another bag! The tiles and bricks were extras from my general yard shopping, but can easily be bought in Doha or around King Khalid Street. Before you put the tiles and pebbles where you want them, make sure you put a large plastic sheet under the pebbles and tiles so that they don’t sink into the sand. You can then layer everything on top of it! Again, I wish I had a few pictures of the “process.” Story of my life… Next time!

All in all, I needed 6 tiles for this project, a large sheet of plastic, and lots of bags of pebbles.

Hybrid Bougainvillea Pebbles & tiles in a Saudi yard

Maintaining the look with flowers and plants is hard though since it gets dirty from the soil and dead flowers that fall off, but I’m really happy with the way it looks!


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    • Absolutely! Some of my plants aren’t doing so well these days because of the cold, but hopefully they’ll be blooming again soon.