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A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Dhahran Garden Group’s annual Home & Garden Tour – an amazing showcase of some of the homes and gardens that we have here in Dhahran! What I love about this event is that you get to see a lot of the same types of houses in the compound, done up in completely different ways. It’s also a great way to see how creative people can be, and what brilliant ideas they’ve come up with to make their homes more comfortable and livable. I can guarantee that some of you live in the same kinds of houses, and never even thought of some of these design ideas 🙂

H&G Tour
The Dhahran Garden Group bus!

The Dhahran Garden Group conducts 3 tours throughout the day, and each tour usually lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours. Everyone also rides in a bus together, so that you get to spend some quality time with your old friends or meet some new ones 🙂

So if you missed out on the tour… today’s your lucky day! Here are just some of the highlights of the beautiful homes and gardens that our tour group saw that day…

The Kellogg’s Garden

Built in the 1930’s, this home is actually considered one of the oldest in the compound.

Kellogg House

H&G Tour1

H&G Tour_3

The Haas’s Garden

This is the home of a board member of the Dhahran Garden Group, and ex-home & garden tour organizer!

H&G Tour_6

H&G Tour_7

Haas Home

The Verma’s Garden

The Verma’s love to recycle items to use in their garden… ie: painted logs as plant holders, salad bowls as bird feeders and even a daybed for reading and stargazing!

H&G Tour_11

H&G Tour_9

H&G Tour_10

The Remkus’s Garden

Craig Remkus is the mastermind behind this beautiful yard!

Remkus Home

H&G Tour_15

Front Yard CR
Photo courtesy of Craig Remkus
Front Yard CR
Photo courtesy of Craig Remkus
Front Yard CR
Photo courtesy of Craig Remkus


The Culhane’s Home & Garden

A super chic home and garden, staged to perfection! Check out the unique wine glass chandelier in their dining room…

Culhane Home

H&G Tour_20

H&G Tour_18

Culhane Entrance

H&G Tour_21

H&G Tour_28

H&G Tour_25

Culhane Kitchen

H&G Tour_23

The Helfrich’s Home & Garden

I am a huge fan of Maggie’s home especially since it was the first one I covered for my blog :)! Here is a picture of her updated entryway – she changes it seasonally – and check out The Design Souk’s Home & Garden Feature on Maggie’s home for the full scoop!

H&G Tour_29


The Polega’s Garden

I love the Polega’s yard… I want my yard to look like this!

Water Feature

 The Niven’s Home & Garden

You can tell that Teresa is a stylist and interior designer by looking at her home. Her indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment space is beautifully thought out!

Niven Home

H&G Tour_31

H&G Tour_32

H&G Tour_36

Niven Garden

H&G Tour copy

H&G Tour_33

 The Kim’s Home & Garden

Aahhh another house that I absolutely adore! Here are some updated pictures of Erlina’s outside space as well as a new mural on her famous chalkboard dining room wall! Make sure to check out Erlina’s Home & Garden Feature for details on her comfortable yet stylish home and garden.

H&G Tour_37

H&G Tour_38

H&G Tour_39

H&G Tour_40

 Garden Tea

Lastly, the tour ended off with a fabulous tea at one of the local homes!


Kultgen Home

H&G Tour_42

H&G Tour_43

H&G Tour_41

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Thank you to the Dhahran Garden Group and all their participants for a fabulous tour 🙂

This is totally worth checking out next year if you’re in Dhahran!

For more information contact the Dhahran Garden Group:

Phone: 013-872-2707

❀ Monday’s Open 11am–5pm❀
❀ Tuesday’s Open 9am-Noon ❀


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  1. Wonderful ideas for the same spaces! It’s very inspirational to see what others have done in their homes. I particularly like the outdoor spaces with seating but my burning question is: how do these homemakers keep the furniture and fixtures dust-free? Drapes, cushions and all other outdoor fabrics would need a lot of attention to maintain their spotless appearance.

    • Thank you for your comment Merry! I spoke to one of the homeowners and she told me that maintaining a “spotless appearance” is definitely a lot of work. There’s a lot of dust, but having a neutral color curtain helps a lot since the dust doesn’t show. The seats are mostly covered, and they make sure they cover the set when it is dusty outside. The table is cleaned every time they sit outside. It all requires quite a bit of work, but she says it’s worth the time spent just to enjoy the nice weather!