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My 2018 IKEA Faves

OK, yes – I’m slightly biased because I love IKEA so much, but seriously they’re KILLING it! There are so many amazing new items from their 2018 catalogue plastered all over various blogs and interior websites, so I just had to show you my personal favorites! For my Saudi folks, many of these items should […]

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Guest Post: Eid Entertaining

Eid is all about entertaining! You’re either going to big events, having a big event, or entertaining a steady stream of people that come by the house over the holidays. Personally, I’ve always struggled to figure out how to manage these kinds of occasions… It’s hard to find the perfect menu AND create that beautiful tablescape that I’m always striving for… So… I […]

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Baby Room #TBW

Is it just me or is Dhahran going through some major baby mania? Almost everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby! I never thought I’d be attending or be invited to more baby showers than birthday parties… So in the spirit of this “season,” I thought I’d do a little throwback to a baby […]

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Eid Décor!

And… I’M BACK! After a wonderful summer abroad, I am finally back home and so happy about it! I hope all of you had an amazing break and are ready to enjoy the beautiful weather that we have coming up in just over a month. So just when you were getting back into the swing of things, we get hit […]

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