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Exploring the Non-Antiquey Side of Portobello Road, London

I started visiting London a lot a few years ago when my parents moved to the city. Actually, when they first moved, I really wasn’t the biggest fan. I mean I had been to London a couple of times as a kid, but as an adult it just seemed like an overwhelmingly big city with too many tourists, a super congested and complicated public […]

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Get Inspired

Blogging – and being in the “accessorizing my home” process – means that I spend A LOT of time browsing sites for inspiration and ideas. My typical morning starts with me in front of my computer, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, checking out my Pinterest account and my crazy Feedly account… In the process of browsing, I always manage to […]

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A Saudi-Inspired Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I hope many of you will be milking your families for some love and cute homemade cards this weekend! I do feel slightly horrible though since Saudi’s celebration of this epic day is apparently on March 21st… I guess I’ll just have to make sure I remind all of you […]

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Home & Garden Tour

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Dhahran Garden Group’s annual Home & Garden Tour – an amazing showcase of some of the homes and gardens that we have here in Dhahran! What I love about this event is that you get to see a lot of the same types of houses in the compound, done […]

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It’s All About Creativity!

I love Erlina’s home. It’s trendy, stylish, comfortable, and is made up of my current favorite colors in the world – grays, blues and whites. Clearly, the Kim family and I are on the same wavelength… But what I really love is the way that Erlina and her husband have used creative and inexpensive ideas to infuse oodles of character into their home. […]

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Arabian Collections Gallery

Local art is tricky to find in Saudi Arabia. It’s almost like you have to be in the “in crowd” to find out about the latest exhibitions, the gallery openings, the art shows, and whatever other kind of exclusive event people can think of. It’s fun when you’re one of the movers and shakers of Dhahran, but not […]

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