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A Cozy & Stylish Home and Garden Tour

When I start thinking about the kind of outdoor space that I’d want for myself, it would look a lot like what Jennifer has done in her home. Her ability to extend the stylishness of her indoor living space into the outdoors is truly inspiring. I never imagined this type of compound house to look quite like […]

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The Art Collector’s Home Tour

When I first walked into Zainab’s home, I knew straight away that this was a girl with a really good eye, and she definitely wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of making her home super stylish and comfortable. She had not only done what we all normally do (paint, decorate with accessories, bring in some […]

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An Eclectic Home Tour

Justine’s home and outdoor living spaces are ALL heart. Everything she loves is in there. You can clearly see that each item has been picked for the space because she loves it – not just because it looks pretty or suits the aesthetics of her home. Her furniture is eclectic and unique, but still feels so comfortable. She […]

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