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Villa Style

I was lucky enough to have been invited to the opening of Villa Style, an interior design business and furniture store, a few months ago in Khobar. I was SO blown away with the type of furniture and accessories in the store – it was just incredibly stylish! I can safely say that they had some of the most beautiful pieces that […]

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ArtBahrain 2015

If you’re an art lover or a collector, you’re gonna love this… About a month ago, I stopped by ArtBahrain, an international art fair focused on showcasing the works of artists from all over the world. Galleries from so many different countries attended, including our very own Arabian Collections Gallery based out of Dhahran! I’ll be completely honest… when I first heard about the show, […]

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Your Local Photographers!

Row 1 (left to right): Sadaqat Ali, Raazia Ali, Erin Clayton; Row 2 (left to right): Hina Mushtaq, Sheraz Mushtaq, Julie Owens Strawn; Row 3 (left to right): Amanda Peasley, Allison Redmon, Donna Weaver Ever considered having a family portrait done? Or interested in having someone photograph an event for you? Didn’t think you could get […]

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Arabian SAS

If you live in Dhahran and are even slightly interested in home décor you’ve probably heard of Arabian SAS by now. It seems like everyone’s asking or talking about them these days… So because I’ve had a custom wood piece made by them, a post about this company seems quite timely and relevant! Arabian SAS has actually […]

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