It’s the season for socializing!

While going to a party is fairly easy, hosting one is a whole new ball game. So how do you show your appreciation for the time and effort that was put into hosting you? These days I always end up getting flowers or desserts, but since flowers don’t last very long and every woman seems to be on a crazy diet, I figured it was time to explore some more thoughtful options!

After doing a little bit of research, I realized that there are so many functional and pretty gifts that any host would be happy to have in their home and in their kitchens. So if you want to stray from the usual gift items, and really impress, here are some great gifts to consider getting for your host…

Holiday Hostess Gift Guide 2017 | THE DESIGN SOUK |

1. Gold Cake & Knife Set, West Elm ($39) | 2. Gray Soft Blanket, H&M Home | 3. Boxed 4-Pack Scented Candle Set, (also available in green) H&M Home | 4. Gold Frame With Antique Finish, Zara Home (SR 149) | 5. Champagne Glass, H&M Home; Consider a set of 4 | 6. Symmetry Objects in Gold, West Elm ($21 small, $31 large) | 7. Pyramid-Shaped Bookend, Zara Home (SR 199) or Striped Angle Geometry Bookend, West Elm ($39) | 8. Carafe, H&M Home | 9. Reactive Glaze Trinket Dishes, West Elm ($11 each) | 10. Cross Base Terrariums, West Elm ($39-71); Maybe even fill it with some pretty succulents or cacti for your host | 11. Porcelain Mug, H&M Home; Consider a set of 4 | 12. Gold Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, Zara Home (SR 149) | 13. Small Porcelain Plate, H&M Home; Consider a set of 4 | 14. Acrylic Trays, West Elm ($27-55) or Methacrylate Tray, Zara Home (SR99) | 15. Jasmine Chic Air Freshener Sticks (100ML), Zara Home (SR 129) | 16. Chopping Board with a Handle, H&M Home; Consider going to Hazzaz and picking up a beautiful marble board or marble tray as well | 17. Metal Salad Servers, H&M Home

Group some of these gifts together if your budget allows for it! 

For some odd reason the H&M Home site refuses to list prices for me so please click on the link for more info. Generally their prices are quite reasonable, so it’s worth going and checking out their store in Al-Rashid or Al-Othaim Mall in Dhahran or in City Center in Bahrain. Also, if an item is listed in a $ amount, it should still be available in stores in Saudi, the UAE or in Bahrain.


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