In Saudi, I sometimes forget to be the explorer.

It can be tough trying to get around, but I realize that it’s important to not miss out on the opportunities that are also available here. We won’t live in Saudi forever! I’m happy though that I have a few friends who are adventurous and like to take their buddies along for the ride.

A few weeks ago, my friend and blogger, Foodie in Arabia, asked me to join her on a day trip to Al-Ahsa, that she had arranged and organized with the Al-Ahsa Intercontinental Hotel. You can read all about the highlights of my trip in an article that I wrote for the Arab News,

A Day Trip to Al-Ahsa Oasis

Hope you enjoy the read!

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The Al-Ahsa Intercontinental Hotel will be offering individual and group tours in the near future, so please get in touch with them through Facebook (@alahsaintercont) or Instagram (@intercontinentalalahsa). You can also contact Henry Abellar, Marketing Executive, at to arrange a stay or tour.


The newly renovated Qara Caves in Al-Ahsa
Al-Ahsa's Qaisariya Souk
Al-Ahsa’s Qaisariya Souk
The mosque in Ibrahim Palace
The mosque in Ibrahim Palace
The lobby of the Al-Ahsa Intercontinental Hotel