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Eid is all about entertaining! You’re either going to big events, having a big event, or entertaining a steady stream of people that come by the house over the holidays.

Personally, I’ve always struggled to figure out how to manage these kinds of occasions… It’s hard to find the perfect menu AND create that beautiful tablescape that I’m always striving for… So… I enlisted the help of my super talented friend Nasma, the beauty and brains behind Frost Confections and the fabulous food blog, Crumbs and Tales!

She is my favorite kind of businesswoman…

I develop recipes, create delectable desserts and stylize candy tables and dessert bars for a living.

Yeah, I know… Amazing!

Anyways, I asked Nasma if she could help me come up with some great ideas for snacks for Eid, and show me how to present these very traditional snacks in a unique and contemporary way. She’s the best because she not only gave us ideas, but also gave us the recipes for all of those amaaaazing snacks!!

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Mid Section Design

A Crumbs And Tales Eid Snacks Menu:

Click on each recipe for ingredients and directions on how to make the dishes. 

Coconut Date Pie

Green Falafel

Gulab Jamun

Chaat Papdi

Mid Section Design

“Each of these items are perfect for visitors during Eid. You can have some sweet, some savory and it’s the perfect bite! They keep well and you can prepare them before hand and just keep replenishing as each guest arrives.

The look I was going for is understated and is the perfect harmony of modern elements in a table scape. This style of serving creates an intimate setting to welcome guests rather than a large buffet table of snacks and requires little work at the time of serving.

Guests will love sampling little individual items in darling little plates!”


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How To Create Your Tablescape:

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Coconut Date Pie 

These pies are served in individual glass bowls to make it easier for you and for your guests. The Graham crust goes in first, then the date layer, and lastly the whipped cream with sautéed shredded coconut as a garnish.

The original recipe is for a large pie, but since this is in individual bowls, you bake the crust and toast the date filling. You also don’t need to add the sour cream to the filling portion.

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Mid Section DesignGreen Falafel 

Serve this green falafel  with a small side of hummus!

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Gulab Jamun

I LOVE these tiny little bowls with gulab jamun!! This is such a unique way of serving such a traditional South Asian dessert and helps contain the sticky syrup!

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Chaat Papdi

I love having a little individual bowl to grab instead of trying to spoon out the best parts of the chaat papdi!

I think I’m gonna need lots of little dishes now…

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Happy Eid and Entertaining!!


All Photos Courtesy of Nasma Haider, founder of Crumbs and Tales



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