A Stylish Halloween Home Tour

I’ve often found it difficult to imagine how one tastefully incorporates Halloween décor into their home. I’ve always seen great fall décor items, but I don’t see witches, ghosts, skeletons and just the combination of black and orange, in general, working in my home…

However, I do happen to have a wonderfully stylish friend who seems to totally get it. Not only did she get all of the ghosts, skulls, orange, and even eyeballs, into her space, but she also managed to make it look incredibly chic. So for some much-needed Monday inspiration, I thought I’d show you all how amazingly creative she is with her space, and why I now think that Halloween can be a fun and stylish way to infuse some character in your home.

And please… no excuses about not decorating because you have small kids/no time/etc. – she has 2 kids under 5 years old, and she’s still managed to pull this off. So since we still have time until the 31st, I hope this home inspires you to do something fun with, and for your family!

FYI – This post is mostly pictures – my favorite part – so enjoy!

Halloween Decor 2

Halloween Decor
Yep. I’m obsessed with this pumpkin.

Halloween Decor 1

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor 2
So wow. You can even decorate picture frames if you need to. Love it!!

Halloween Decor

I just love how this dining room looks. It’s so beautiful already, and yet her Halloween decor works seamlessly with the style of the room. 

Dining Room
Look at that Halloween centerpiece. I love it!

Halloween Dining

Halloween Decor 5

Halloween Decor 6

Halloween Dining
Now this is genius! You can make Halloween work with shabby chic decor? Just brilliant.

Halloween Decor 8

What’s even better is that not only do the doors and windows have Halloween all over them, you even get beautiful pumpkins and lighting outside for some great curb appeal!  

Halloween Decor 10

Halloween Decor 11

Halloween Decor 12

Halloween Decor_23

Hope you have an awesome Halloween! 


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  1. Ok, I’m ashamed to not have ever even tried to decorate for Halloween but this totally inspires me. And I do have a 2.5 year old who may just destroy everything but I can make it part of the decor.