While I’m not sure this is considered tribal, this room gives you good idea of how to incorporate colors and patterns in a neutral space. Photo Source: Amber Interiors

So to follow up on my post from a couple of weeks ago on how to incorporate tropical accessories in your outdoor space, I decided to add yet another post on my other obsession these days (and hopefully, for all eternity) – Tribal & Global Décor!

I have to admit though, I get slightly confused by the concept of tribal décor at times… so I like to take a more global approach to it! I like the idea of using material that comes from tribes or nomadic people, but I think that mixing-and-matching items from international cultures in general is a great way of adding some character to your home! I also think it’s fairly easy to do this if your home is pretty neutral. Although, even if you’re a farmhouse-style enthusiast, I feel like everyone can appreciate the unique and worldly charm of some of these patterns and color schemes.

So if you’re as intrigued by this international approach to interiors as I am, I’ll show you a few products that I found and examples on how to style some items.

Hopefully, this can help satisfy the need for tribal without going totally bohemian!

Mid Section Design

Decorative Accessories

Tribal Vibes.jpg

  1. Dhurrie Occassional Chair, (Anthropologie, USD $498) Available in 4 colors. Loooveee!
  2. Moroccan Cross-Stich Rug, (Desert Designs)
  3. Indian Floor Pouf, (Desert Designs)
  4. Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillow, by TheWatsonShop (Wayfair, USD $49.99)
  5. Moroccan Cross Rug, (Anthropologie, USD $128.00 – $2,798.00)
  6. Mud Cloth Pillow, (St. Frank, USD $150)
  7. Ball Filigrain Pendant XL, (Snob, USD $750, small starts at $250) These Egyptian pendants lights are all over the Middle East in varying styles and colors. Pick one up while you’re living here or visiting. I picked mine up from the Dhahran Home Expo for SR 300 (USD $80)!
  8. Betania Side Table, Hourglass, (Anthropologie, USD $ 328)
  9. Kilim Pillow, (Desert Designs)
  10. Pakistani Rug, (Desert Designs)
  11. Bar Stool (Desert Designs)
  12. Kenza Moroccan Pouf, (Lulu & Georgia, USD $ 205) Available in multiple colors
  13. Moroccan Table, (Desert Designs)
  14. Floor Stool, (Desert Designs)

Nigerian Floor Pouf

The great thing about living in the Middle East is that you can find most of these items in different stores for very reasonable prices. But unfortunately, most of the stores in the EP don’t really have websites or they have FB pages with very little content…

So if you’d like to explore beyond Desert Designs, visit Royal Kashmir or the carpets stores on King Khalid Street. Bahrain also has multiple furniture and antique stores with unique handmade items from all over the world. Visit my Stores to Check Out page for directions and locations. 

For those of you who want to go beyond online shopping – and you’re a little bit of a world traveller already – keep an eye out for decorative accessories (not necessarily big ticket items) that can work with your existing décor. Stick to earthy tones and textures if you’re confused since they can sometimes be easier to work with. Otherwise, just buy what you love!

And of course, for those of you who have some ethnic blood in you, ask your parents if you can dig around through their stuff…

I actually just picked up this BEAUTIFUL leather floor pouf from my parent’s attic! My grandfather brought it back to Pakistan from Nigeria in the 1970s when my mom’s family was living there. I LOVE that it has a story to it…

Mid Section Design

How To Use Tribal & Global Décor In Your Home

I remember seeing this SoHo condo on Season 3 of Million Dollar Listing NYC and falling in love with the décor. What I also didn’t realize was that this Moroccan carpet is from… Abbas Carpets! Smallll world!

Moroccon Rug.jpg
Photo Source: Douglas Elliman Real Estate
Abbas Carpets
Photo Source: Abbas Carpets

See?! You can buy tribal themed goods and not have to go totally down that route. As you can see, the Moroccan rug works so beautifully with this space. I think it works so well because the room has a mostly muted color palette and has embraced the use of very earthy textures. Overall, even the hints of chrome add a more modern touch to the space! 

Abbas Carpets
I LOVE this room! SO gorgeous. Photo Source: Abbas Carpets IG
Abbas Carpets
Photo Source: Abbas Carpets IG

If you don’t want too much color in your space, and want to keep it more modern, it may be better to go for a mostly black and white color palette when incorporating global décor. I love how this room below sticks to that palette, but includes gorgeous aged wooden pieces – adding that earthy element – as well as a simple plant for a pop of color. This looks so stylish to me!

Photo Source: Paulina Arcklin for Zoco Home

You can even add a hint of tribal to your nursery with a pouf! They come in so many different colors these days too, so you can add something that works with the color scheme of your room.

Lark & Linen
This nursery is so beautiful! Photo Source: Lark & Linen 


Lulu & Georgia
The Kenza Moroccan pouf is available in multiple colors too from Lulu & Georgia! Photo Source: Lulu & Georgia 


If you missed it on my Instagram, this is how I styled my Egyptian light fixture when I first got it from the Dhahran Home Expo. I thought it made sense that it be put in the corner of a room so that the designs were more prominent on the wall!

The Design Souk Instagram

Anthropologie seems to have this tribal chic look down to an art. I kinda love that they make clothes and home décor 🙂

Photo Source: Anthropologie

Lastly, you HAVE to see the most incredible design and décor of the Tribal Hotel in Nicaragua, featured in Casa Vogue. Simply amazing!

Tribal Hotel, Nicaragua
Photo Source: Casa Vogue & Tribal Hotel

Hope you have a great week!




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