I know earthy tones and textures were pretty big in 2016, but I don’t feel like I’m ready to let this one go! I’m still obsessing over natural textures and neutral palettes along with a good pop of green (my way of staying on trend!).

So since some of us like to decorate for the season, I thought I’d show you some great accessories that can be used indoors or outdoors for the summer. Most of us in Saudi will not be spending our time outside, but you could pick up a few things over the summer holidays for your home or to enjoy outdoors in the fall.

Since this trend still seem to be going strong, my favorite stores are selling some gorgeous earthy accessories as well.

Mid Section Design

Decorative Accessories

THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com

1. Stockholm 2017 (IKEA, SR 995 with cushions, SR 595 without cushions | Comes in Dark Grey as well) | 2. Natural-Colored Round Jute Rug (Zara Home, SR 1199) | 3. Large Candle Lantern (H&M Home, GBP 19.99) | 4. Plaited Cube-Shaped Stool (Zara Home, SR 569) | 5. Francesca Beaded Chandelier (Pottery Barn, USD $799) | 6. Banana Leaf Magazine Rack (Zara Home, SR 279) | 7. Two-Seat Wooden Bench (Zara Home, SR 649) | 8. Little Round Table With Iron Legs, (Zara Home, SR 569) | 9. Fringed Tablecloth (H&M Home, GBP 19.99)

As I’ve said in the past, I’m not saying you should buy ALL of these pieces (even though they’d probably look pretty bomb together), but more so that you can incorporate the ones that appeal to you, and then use those to build your ideal space.

Since we live in Saudi, items are also limited and I totally understand budgetary limitations too, so try to find pieces that are similar in finish and color if you can’t find the exact item!

If you want a little bit of contrast or a pop of color, plants are a great way of doing that especially because they are the ultimate natural texture. Peace lilies, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Cornstalk Dracaena or Massangeana are just a few of the indoor plants that seem to do well inside in Saudi.

THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com
A Cornstalk on the left & Peace lily on the right

Or if you’re as obsessed with orange as I am these days, you can use a more orange-toned texture for a pop of color, like leather! Actually, this is the perfect interior style to use leather in your home without making it too bold of a statement. Camel or lighter colors seem to work best without going too lodge style, but that’s if you have a lot of lighter accessories.

Also, orange and green work really well together so you can have plants and leather in your space!

THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com
Leather is on the pricier side, so if you’re on a limited budget, try looking for faux leather

1. Sedgwick Leather Recliner (West Elm, USD $1299) | 2. Dries Leather Sling Chair (West Elm, USD $699) | 3. Dale Leather Armchair (Pottery Barn, USD $ 1399)

Mid Section Design

How To Use It In Your Home

OK, as you can see from the pictures above, Zara Home has seriously stepped up their game. I’m so glad they’re finally starting to deviate from their shell and coastal-obsessed theme and trying something a little bit more boho chic – more Anthropologie-esque!

Photo Courtesy of the Zara Home website

I’m also obsessed with their mats and rugs. These vary in sizes, but can easily be incorporated into your home in various ways, i.e., a smaller mat for the entry, in your kitchen or bathroom!

Zara Home Rugs | THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com

1. Natural-Colored Framed Jute Mat (Zara Home, SR 199, available in more colors) | 2. Ecru Cotton Argyle Rug (Zara Home, SR 999) | 3. White PomPom Rug (Zara Home, SR 199, available in more colors) | 4. Fringed Wool Rug (Zara Home, SR 1899)

H&M also always seems to strikes the perfect balance for me. They have trendy items that are tastefully done and at the perfect price point – cheap! I love almost everything they put out. I mean, look at their promos for their outdoor collection…

Photo Courtesy of the H&M Home website

And here are some other beautiful rooms that incorporate earthy decorative accessories. You can really use it in any style of home!

@thewhitefarmhouseblog Instagram
I love the use of earthy accents in this rustic farmhouse | Photo Courtesy of @thewhitefarmhouseblog Instagram
I’m not sure I’d use a cactus in my room but I still love it. As you can see the orange and green tones in the room go SO well together | Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie.com
Photo Source: Lowe Home Tumblr
See how well orange tones and this mint green go together? They even made pink work! Yes, this is totally my new color combo obsession too… | Photo Courtesy of Lowe Home Tumblr

I’d love to hear how you’ve used earthy textures and tones in your home! 

Happy Monday folks!

THE DESIGN SOUK | www.thedesignsouk.com