This month I’m so excited to show you how to put together eclectic and modern dining rooms.

The rooms vary in price points: the price of the modern and eclectic room is higher, so if you’re on a budget, make sure you shop for items that are similar to what I’m showing you (in terms of color, texture, size, etc.). In Dhahran, we have just a few (not many though) options for lower price points (like IKEA & Home Center) so go check them out if some of this is out of your price range!

Option 1: More Expensive Option

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my home… But if I could have a close to perfect dining room, it would probably look a lot like the “Modern & Eclectic Dining Room.”

I’m also telling you now that while I need everything in this room, the carpet and the chandelier will DEFINITELY be in my house in the future. I just need to figure out how to get them both here! I’ll keep you posted…


1. Abbas Carpets | 2. West Elm | 3. West Elm | 4. West Elm | 5. White roman shade with gray band | 6. Pottery Barn | 7. Pottery Barn | 8. West Elm | 9. Painting by Raja Changez Sultan, can be purchased through Treasure Trove (Dubai) | 10. The ONE (Bahrain) | 11. Restoration Hardware | 12. IKEA

Now I know that we don’t have a Restoration Hardware, but I think that this is a piece that a company like Arabian SAS could make for you. I’ve had the same handles delivered to Saudi from Restoration Hardware, and used them on my updated TV stand, so I may actually have to try this out one day…

Option 2: Budget-Friendly-ish

I really love this eclectic dining room, and while it doesn’t have my “perfect pieces” from the other room, I am so happy with it, and even more ecstatic that I was able to incorporate some IKEA furniture into it! The IKEA Scandi style is a little limiting at times, so I’m super duper happy that they had some pieces that can fit into an eclectic room.


1. West Elm | 2. Can be purchased from Desert Designs or Home Center | 3. IKEA | 4. West Elm | 5. Bamboo Blinds (read below) | 6. The ONE (Bahrain) | 7. The ONE (Bahrain) | 8. IKEA | 9. IKEA | 10. IKEA | 11. West Elm

In Dhahran, you can easily find a very fun and colorful rug at some of the rug stores in Al-Khobar. I found the prices at Eastern Carpet House (Price Faisal Bin Fahd Road, past Villeroy and Boch on the right side going towards the Corniche) to be quite reasonable.

Also, bamboo blinds can be purchased at SACO for a lower price, or at Sedar, which will be more expensive. Hopefully that’ll leave enough room in the budget to buy some pretty dining room chairs!


Shopping Tips…
  • Make sure to think about the size of your room and the size of the items you’re bringing it.
  • Try to stick to a few different colors in the room. Warm colors like red, mustard, and golds were used in both rooms.
  • Think about the patterns and solids – if you have a big and bold pattern on the rug, you will probably be better off with a solid colored dining room chair.
  • Simple and minimal is better. Since some of the pieces in an eclectic dining room are meant to be a big statement, try not to clutter the room with extra accessories.

Hope you were inspired! 
Have a fantabulous weekend!